Lebanon Fire covers Squad 51 for Eventful Evening

A crew from Lebanon Fire Company covered Squad 51 from 6pm on Saturday, November 24 to 6am, Sunday November 25. The evening started with a thorough truck equipment check to ensure response ready status for the equipment and crew. The crew then enjoyed a nice dinner before training, and finally responding to a total of 5 requests for service.

Squad 51 is a product of the North Hunterdon Fire Alliance whereby one of the member companies staffs a Squad truck each Saturday evening throughout the year. The crew is designated Squad 51 and responds to any alarm within the coverage areas for the North Hunterdon Fire Alliance member companies. The member companies of the NHFA are; Lebanon Fire (18), Annandale Hose Company (46), Clinton Fire (45), High Bridge Fire (14), and Quakertown Fire (91) .

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