The membership of Station 18 Fire hold regular monthly drills covering fire attack, vehicle rescue, response guidelines, as well as state mandated training and refreshers. Additionally, our membership regularly drills with the member companies of the North Hunterdon Mutual Aid Group as well as other neighboring departments within Hunterdon County.


February 20 – The five member companies of the North Hunterdon Working Group drill on electrical hazards on the fire ground.


April 26 – The five member companies of the North Hunterdon Working Group drilled together in a vacant office building off of Route 22 in Lebanon. Crews rotated through stations working together on stand pipe operations, elevator rescue operations, and Rapid Intervention operations.



November 7 – Station 46 Fire joined the crew at Station 18 Fire for a vehicle rescue/extrication drill. Membership worked jointly to execute multiple evolutions.


October 3 – The firefighters of the Lebanon Fire Company participated in a competitive game of basketball while wearing full turnout gear, SCBA, and while breathing off of bottled air. The game is intended to simulate the physical excursion of fighting a fire while working to control breathing. Once a player ran out of air they were out, the team with the last man standing wins.

September – LDH drill with Oldwich (24), Califon (44), and East Whitehouse (34). The purpose of the drill was pump operator training, working with mutual aid to establish a LDH (Large Diameter Hose) relay to achieve the desired GPM at the end of the lay. In the photo below Ladder 18 is at the top of an approximately 1/2 mile incline being fed by a hydrant located at the bottom. An engine is located at they hydrant and two engines are inline pumping to maintain the pressure. The final engine is feeding Ladder 18.

May – Membership of Station 18 honed their skills with ground ladders at the Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Center.