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Cricket World Cup 2023

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      Where does Shuttlecock Get its Name From?

      It is often seen that the origins of certain names have vibrant backstories associated with...

      Top 20 Best Rucksacks | Pack Your Rucksack & Enjoy The Adventurous Activities 

      Who doesn’t love outdoor adventures like trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, and rappelling? Well, the...

      12 Best Badminton Shoes in India to buy for best performance

      Badminton is a sport, where every piece of equipment is supremely important. As a professional...

      Decoding DRS: A Comprehensive Guide to the Decision Review System

      DRS in cricket, known as the Decision Review System, was introduced to enhance the accuracy...

      Famous Quotes of Virat Kohli | King Kohli: The Man Who Rules the Cricketing Kingdom

      The name "Virat Kohli" is so well-known that it requires no introduction. He is one...

      Top 10 Best Football Stadiums in India | Roaring Crowds & Majestic Grounds

      Gone are the days when Cricket was the only sport in India. With the rise...

      Offside Rule in Football Explained | A Game Changing Rule!

      The offside rule is one of the most important rules in football. Many matches have...

      Famous Quotes of MS Dhoni | The Iconic Captain Who Led India to Multiple Cricketing Glories

      Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or popularly known as MS Dhoni, is a name that needs no...


      KreedOn Analysis

        India in World Cup 2023 | KreedOn

        India in World Cup 2023: A Case Study on Performance, Strategies, and Impact

        India is currently leading the ICC World Cup 2023 points table. The strength of India's bowling lies in its specialist bowlers. India has...
        Rise of Women in Indian Track and Field: Empowering Through Sports - KreedOn

        Rise of Women in Indian Track and Field: Empowering Through Sports

        Recently, Indian track and field have seen a remarkable transformation, with women athletes emerging as strong contenders, shattering stereotypes and breaking records. Their journey...
        Paralympic | KreedOn

        Paralympic Sports: Examining challenges, successes and impact on athletes with disabilities

        In 2018, Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, achieved a remarkable milestone by selling a record-breaking 320,000 tickets. It amounts to about 90% of...
        Indian Sports Market | KreedOn

        Why Foreign Sports Clubs Struggle in Indian Thriving Sports Market? Unraveling the Mystery

        India has been experiencing significant growth and advancements in the field of sports and its related market. Foreign sports clubs and leagues have undeniably...
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